LD phase 3 a big firstSince last March, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lifestyles. This reality led the Katasa Group to expand its offer by changing the vocation of the District’s new phase 3 in the Aylmer sector by responding positively to its new autonomous tenants’ demands aged 50 and over.

“The idea came from our first phase 3 tenants who wanted to live in an apartment without health care and without the restrictions issued by the CISSSO, says Katherine Chowieri, head of planning, marketing, and finance at the Katasa Group. They feel that they are too young at the moment for such services. As a result, they also pay less for their apartment. If the situation changes, we will be able to meet their needs since the first two phases of the District are certified PSRs by the government. In this way, the District provides its residents with progressive services.”


For the Katasa Group, it is the first non-PSR-certified building among its seniors’ residences. “We are adapting to the market, adds Katherine Chowieri. These new autonomous tenants feel too young to be in a residence, but they also want an active lifestyle with access to all common areas in all three phases of the District. The response from our tenants is meaningful and we will follow the market for the next phases that will be built at the District.”

Phase 3 tenants thus have access to the infrastructures and activities of all three phases of the District, such as the indoor and outdoor pools, the fitness room, yoga and aquafitness classes, the pharmacy, the billiard room, barbecues, a dance held dinners, a cinema, and terraces. The à la carte restaurant Le Bistro is also open to all residents as well as the general public. A meal package is also available for new phase 3 tenants.

“The construction quality of phase 3 is the same as the two previous phases, with the same decor and high-quality building materials. In short, the only difference between phase 3 and the other two phases of the District is the absence of nurses and orderly. It is like a condo with access to sought-after common areas and a social life that is very dynamic at the District. We maintain a sense of sharing and community,” says Managing Director Martin Deschênes.


The District is often compared to a resort with quality services and well-organized entertainment. Residents are very active and lead committees themselves to organize events or activities of interest to them.

“People tell us that the project is of high quality and that our prices are very competitive,” says Mr. Deschênes. The District is also located in a beautiful green area close to the Outaouais River, the City of Ottawa, and all nearby services in Gatineau. It is located close to walking and cycling trails and neighbouring golf courses. This nature is here to stay, adding to the incredible living environment that is the District.”

The District is more than an apartment complex, it is a lifestyle. A structure that radiates positive energy where retirees or semi-retirees are charmed by its freshness and comfort. A great success for the Katasa Group and its president and founder, Sam Chowieri.

About Katasa

It was in the 1980s that the Katasa Group was founded by businessman and visionary Sam Chowieri. His three daughters, Katherine, Tanya and Samantha, have held strategic management positions within the family business for more than ten years. Among its real estate portfolio, the Residence de l’Île, the Village Riviera, the District, the Manoir Pierrefonds, the Riverain and Marquis de Tracy are the residences for seniors managed by the Katasa Group.