LD phase 3 attentive to our residents needsWhat distinguishes phase 3 from the other phases of the District? This is the first phase of apartments without health care services. Thus, this phase is not certified, and residents can live there as in any other apartment or condo building. In addition, you have access to all the common areas, and you benefit from many social activities. Therefore, you can live your retirement in total freedom while feeling on vacation at home!

“Anyone aged 50 and over who would like to enjoy a social lifestyle and use the common areas, can come and live in our phase 3 without having to follow the rules issued by the CISSSO regarding PSRs. You asked for it and we have listened!” says the District’s General Manager Martin Deschênes, and rightly so.


Several residents have agreed to show their affection for the District. Here are a few comments, such as those made by Mr. and Mrs. Tessier. “We fell in love with the District, a modern building that offers an incredible view of the river from our apartment. It is like a luxury condo with high ceilings, big windows, and many common areas. There are plenty of activities available, the food is very good, and you never get bored.”

Mr. and Mrs. Séguin love this community life: “Our dream came true in finding a place where we can enjoy life. We love the environment and the people too. Social life is appealing. You can meet up with people, celebrate and participate in activities of all kinds. At the District, you feel free to do whatever you like. It is interesting to live in a community, but also in private.”

“Here, we take the time to enjoy life”, said Mr. and Mrs. Sabourin. We meet people and spend time with friends. We take on different sports and social activities. When a new tenant moves in, we help each other. For the next few years, we want to relax, spend time with friends, enjoy ourselves and be free to do what we enjoy.”


Finally, Mrs. Bergeron said that she found the ideal place: “I appreciate the high-quality of the building and the kindness of the people who work here. Everything is just fine. If necessary, people help us to find solutions. The choices of meals are varied, and the cultural activities are excellent. In addition, several committees allow us to get to know each other between tenants.”

The District offers tasteful design, modern commodities, and a unique plan designed to make you feel like you’re on vacation, even in your own home. Another great success for the Katasa Group and its founder, Sam Chowieri.

About Katasa

It was in the 1980s that the Katasa Group was founded by businessman and visionary Sam Chowieri. His three daughters, Katherine, Tanya and Samantha, have held strategic management positions within the family business for more than ten years. Among its real estate portfolio, the Residence de l’Île, the Village Riviera, the District, the Manoir Pierrefonds, the Riverain and Marquis de Tracy are the residences for seniors managed by the Katasa Group.