Le District is a leasing complex only for independent retired who need basic services. There is no permanent healthcare unit on-site, but you will have access to all health services anyway.


Massage therapists and podiatrists from Signé Coco organic spa.


Yoga, aquaform, and aerobic courses, will be offered in the Health Centre.
Personal trainer + fitness sessions (in extra). A personal trainer can give unique services and programs if you want to keep an active lifestyle, eat well and receive follow-ups.

Medical clinic

Medical clinic is located in the Health Centre. Our reputed doctors team can be seen on site and each consultation is carry out by our auxiliary nurses team with an appointment.

Auxiliary nurses + healthcare team

Our healthcare coordinator, Lutete Diaka, has been managing Village Riviera and Résidence de l’Île healthcare departments for 5 years. She will take charge at Le District too. An auxiliary nurse and a beneficiary attendant will be on site 24/7 for resident's security and comfort.


Pharmaceutical services will be offered by Jean Coutu.

Housekeeping and fixings

Le District provides a weekly housekeeping service, even if you are out on vacations.
A dedicated employee is on site during the week for all kind of maintenances. He can also be reached for emergencies.
If there is a trouble in your suite and it falls under our responsibility, don't worry, the situation will be taking care of diligently by our staff.

Choosing the peace of mind

Enjoying life has never been so easy at Le District. Thanks to our all-included formula, you will find all the necessary conveniences for an active lifestyle, a bloomed social life and peace of mind. Just imagine…

  • Electricity
  • Heating and air-conditioning (individual control)
  • Telephone, Internet and cable
  • Weekly housecleaning
  • Beneficiary Attendant on site 24/7
  • Auxilliary nurse on site 7/7
  • Maintenance personnel for fixings and emergencies
  • Chapel with weekly celebration
  • Medication distribution and management services
  • Doctor (on appointment and on site)
  • Receptionist and management personnel on site
  • Shuttle to get to grocery store, shopping mall, etc.
  • Internet-cafe (self-service coffee)
  • Subscription to the Health Centre (fitness)
  • Ultra-functional design and architecture
  • Limited access controlled with a camera system
  • Suite-keeping during a prolonged absence
  • Underground garage
  • Gastronomic caterer services for your reception

3 ½ are from $ 1800 Available – No waiting list
4 ½ are from $ 2400 Available – No waiting list
5 ½ are from $ 4500 Available – No waiting list

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